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Now Open: Shoe Woo Slightly Less Magical Than We'd Been Led to Believe

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We've been fixated on Shoe Woo ever since the new footwear boutique sent us a press release promising "a fun fun fun rush of happy" alongside a rendering of a sparkly stiletto protruding from a purple wall. The store, which also has branches in DC and Edison, NJ, seems to operate on the principle that deep within each woman is a seven-year-old in a tiara, leading us to expect total Barbie's Dream House insanity when we stopped by this weekend. Sadly, we were mislead. It's not that Shoe Woo isn't nuts, but it could be so much crazier.

Take the monster stiletto: It's there, but it doesn't sparkle. At all. As for the column in the middle of the shop that's plastered in a whirlwind of plaster heels, it's definitely dramatic, but it would be more eye-grabbing if the pumps weren't painted an oddly bloodless white. Even the selection of shoes for sale—mostly culled from Nine West—seemed like it could have been wackier: Higher heels, bigger embellishments, brighter colors. If you're going to go girlie, really girl it up! That said, we do still love the Woomobile. There aren't enough red giantess heels zipping around Manhattan on the backs of Mini Coopers these days.
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