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In The Window: Bergdorf Goodman In A Gray Mood

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Gaze upon the final of Bergdorf Goodman's dramatic summer windows; fall is in full swing and the gray magic of their north-facing windows came down yesterday. We captured them the night before however, and thus the leather Rodarte paired with a chrome propeller can live on in this gallery.

An ejector seat returns, along with looks by Jay Ahr and the Christian Louboutins of the early fall?this time in silver. If it wasn't for the scarlet sole peeking out, our images could almost black and white shots. Bravo to whoever rigged the lighting on these displays; all that gray doesn't nearly as cold as we would have imagined, but instead comes across oddly ethereal and extremely desirable under the soft spotlights. But then this is New York and we do love our black and gray.
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Bergdorf Goodman

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