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Lineblogging: Jil Sander Fans Throng Uniqlo Sidewalk

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At 10am, Uniqlo will open its doors to a rush of Jil Sander fans eager to get their mitts on the designer's collection of tuxedo shirts, well-cut pants and stellar outerwear. So far, we've seen universal support for the collab among fashion types—even Vogue got a little giddy about it—so we're expecting a crazy line. Join us for a liveblog, won't you?

9:29am: Good morning! I'm at Uniqlo and there is already a growing line. It's almost at Prince Street. I'd say the crowd is at least 60% guys in skinny jeans so far.

9:35am: I've been listening to the guy behind me in line and I think he's a hotel concierge or something because he's calling clients while he's waiting. Talk about multi-tasking.

9:37am: This is fantastic: I just head that they'll be serving champagne and passed hor d'oeuvres inside! Apparently there is some fancy draped decor, too.

9:44am: I'm changing my assessment. The line is more like 70%-75% guys, which bodes well for the ladies. Wonder how the gentlemen will behave. I think they're all the same size, too. This will be an interesting study in human behavior.

9:47am: A passerby just asked us if we're all waiting in line for jobs at Uniqlo. Quite the opposite, in fact!

9:49am: They're handing out fliers saying that we're limited to one item per piece per person. Strict. By the way, I just realized that I'm wearing my own Uniqlo skinny jeans. Embarrassing!

9:55am: The gentleman behind me came up with the brilliant idea that Uniqlo should prepackage sets of the entire +J men's collection in a box (lots of smalls, of course) so that you could just grab and go.

9:58am: The line is now at Prince Street. There's a conveniently located coffee and food cart standing by (how many times have we wished for this?) and it's getting zero love. This doesn't look like much of an eating crowd, anyway.

9:59am: The guys around me are planning their strategies (guy in front is opting for "ruthless.") Best of luck to everyone. And we're in!

10:15am: False alarm: The line stopped again. Looks like they're letting in 15 at a time. I bet the store has never seen anything like this before.

10:20am: Ooh! People are leaving with purchases. Two of the like five women in line have bags with coats.

10:25am: I have to say the guys inside are taking their sweet time. Bet the girls' section is empty. Let in more ladies!

10:30am: I like the guys' strategy. The one behind me asked a Tyson lookalike who came out with the bag where the +J is located. Tyson said, "The back, but a lot is gone." How can that be? It just opened. I think he's playing mind games.

10:33am: Editor of GQ spotted walking out with a bag. Maybe the editors bought out the store.

10:52am: OMG! A guy just walked out with so many bags that a staffer had to help him carry it all. I'm still outside, getting closer though.

11:00am: The doorman stopped letting people in just as the line got to us. At least my new line-friends and I are still together.

11:02am: The too-many-bags guy called a bike messenger to help him transport his purchases!

11:04am: IN. And I only had to wait an hour and a half.

Our correspondent's adventures—plus pricing info!—continue this way.

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