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Above the Fray: Inside Uniqlo, +J Is Already Decimated

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It took an hour and a half of waiting in line, but we've finally made it into Uniqlo to see Jil Sander's +J collection with our own two eyes. Follow along below as updates come rolling in.

11:09am: The line makes inside shopping so nice! Jackets are popular for sure.

11:11am: Merino wool trench is $149.50, cashmere cardigans $99.50, puffy jackets (which are almost gone) $129.50.

11:16am: Merino wool cardies are $49.50; a nice velvet men's blazer is $99.50 I'm observing menswear and it's definitely more crowded than the pretty calm womenwear side. No fights so far. Staffers are being very helpful, finding sizes and replenishing often.

11:20am: Much to my new friend's dismay, the coveted peacoat is gone.

11:22am: +J jeans (skinny, boyfriend) are $49.50!

11:24am: The line for the dressing room isn't bad. It looks like most people are opting to grab in bulk, buy and return (or eBay) later.

11:28am: I asked a sales associate if he thinks they'll sell out today. He couldn't really say, but right now they plan to re-evaluate after two weeks and order more stock if the line does well. The way the line looks outside and judging from the amount people are buying, I'm pretty sure it will.

11:34am: It's kind of funny because the color palette in this collection is quite dark—black, grays, olive—except for this one shock of hot pink in menswear.

11:35am: The cash register lines are very manageable, probably because 100 people are still waiting outside. I'm still impressed with how well-staffed this sale is, and how helpful everyone's been.

11:44am: OK, I have another insider opinion. This one thinks that +J will sell out today, but they will get in more stock regularly to replenish the floor (there may be hope yet for that pea coat.) He expects that there will be a line every day through the weekend.

11:50am: Heading out. The line is still almost at Prince and growing. Apparently the people at the front have been waiting for two hours so far.

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