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RackedWire: The +J Reports Keep Rolling In; Jill Stuart Launches Bloomingdales Dress Line

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The tag inside a pair of +J jeans
The tag inside a pair of +J jeans

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SOHO—Jil Sander for Uniqlo is really bringing out the best in the comments section. From someone who could probably teach a Learning Annex class on how to handle a shopping shitshow: "Got up with the farmers. Ran out with a Power Bar and banana. Made the queue by 7:50am. #10, or thereabouts. Thanks to iPhone watched Rachel Maddow, did work. Was dressed for 50 degree weather, even as others were shivering. If Uniqlo had served coffee/cocoa to the line, the free PR and goodwill would have paid for itself. Segue to sartorial: Thanks to AMAZING staff, I was given a bag for booty and helped with sizes. Tried on perhaps 30 pieces, left with 5: topcoat, two sportcoats, two pairs of wool pants. Threw back perfect white shirt (too sheer), cashmere hat (lack of infinite funds). VERY satisfied with overall garments—well made, well priced. Most of all, very Jil Sander. Bravo." [Racked Comments]

PARIS—Meanwhile, a French reader reports: "Great jackets, no sight of peacoats nor of Mr. Schuman. The queue for the cash registers unbelievable. Salesfloor people super nice in this chaos, quite a novelty in Paris." Seriously, Uniqlo, you win. [Racked Comments]

UPPER EAST SIDE—Jill Stuart is launching her dress line for Bloomingdales with a party at the 59th Street flagship store tomorrow. Stop by after 6pm to check out the collection and meet Jill herself, who will be on hand doling out fashion advice. [Racked Inbox]

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