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Parting Shots for Kira Plastinina

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Throughout all of the hubbub of December's shotgun closing of the Kira Plastinina chain in the United States, we stayed high and dry from whatever sorry business was going down in their NY stores. But now that the dust has settled, it's time to snoop around.

Checking out the former Kira flagship on Broadway in Soho, we were surprised to see the store still fully stocked despite the 75% off sale they had pre-Christmas. Even in death, shoppers could have cared less about the brand. The organization of the store is a credit to its former employees, however, as we don't know how they managed to keep it together while their jobs crumbled and they faced uncertainty about even getting final paychecks before the holidays.

The whole store looks as though the brand has simply gone out to lunch instead wholly out of business. Kira now needs to take a lesson from Alessandro dell'Acqua and start selling off the furniture; we bid $15 on the flatscreen HDtv.
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