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RackedWire: Housing Works Warehouse Sale in LIC; A New CVS for the UWS

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[Images via Housing Works]

LONG ISLAND CITY—It's time again for the Housing Works warehouse sale. You know the drill: If you feel like gambling, pay them $30 and they'll give you a bag with pre-selected designer gear. If you feel really lucky, pay $40 and get a bag of pre-sorted denim. And if you'd rather pick out your own clothes, pay $20 for a sack you can stuff yourself. The event takes place tomorrow from 10am to 4pm at 4849 35th St between 48th Avenue and Hunter's Point. [Housing Works]

UPPER WEST SIDE—A tipster emails with good tidings for a small uptown population: "Just noticed construction permits—a CVS is going in at 200 West End Avenue. First retail in this new building. Not major news, except for the 5000 or so people who live in Lincoln Towers (like us) and used to go to the city's last A&P that was torn down for this new building (and home to Robin Quivers of Howard Stern fame) [Ed note: We're pretty sure he means Robin Quivers lives in the building, not the A&P]." [Racked Inbox]

Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

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