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Launches & Releases: American Apparel Bundles Up for Winter

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Very slowly, American Apparel has been expanding beyond tees, hoodies and shiny bodysuits. A few years ago, they debuted a line of unisex skinny jeans, and recently they've added vintage sunglasses, button-up shirts and even shoes. Now, they've begun selling outerwear. The coats, which are available both in-store and online, are reasonably priced (all are under $200) and like the chain's other offerings, mostly unisex. Shoppers seem to be smitten. One customer's "review" of the California Fleece Cape (pictured above, at left): "Sweet Jesus! I've been waiting for this baby! I'm so excited about it—I've been looking into buying a cape recently and when I saw this was 'Coming Soon', I stopped my search and have been crossing my fingers and holding my breath ever since." Another, "I really dig this! Hard!" What an enthusiastic bunch AA fans are.
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