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Obedient Sons & Daughters Designers Bid Their Line an Official Farewell

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Designers Christina and Swaim Hudson have emailed out an official statement (with an adorable official photo, above) about the shuttering of their clothing line Obedient Sons & Daughters, news of which broke this morning. Most of the statement was included in Style File's scoop about the closure, but for those that are still curious we'll print it here in its entirety:

Today Christina and Swaim Hutson regretfully announce the closing of Obedient Sons, LLC due to complications with the brand’s primary investor and their current minority ownership interest. In the past year, the brand has had tremendous growth and success; however, during this time there has not been sufficient capital to support the growth. The company’s current ownership structure has presented the challenge of bringing on additional outside investors. “For the last year, we have continuously fought to maintain daily operations and have exhausted all alternatives and at this point we need to move on,” said Swaim Hutson.
On a positive note, Christina and Swaim plan to exit the brand and launch a new label with sole ownership set to premier at their February 14, 2009 runway show in New York. An exclusive guest list will receive an invitation and gold key revealing the brand’s name.

“This is a huge risk for us, but we feel that it takes us in the right direction. We are extremely passionate about what we do and truly look forward to our new focus,” said Christina Hutson.

We're sure this won't be the last sad press release we receive about a new line shuttering.
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