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Now Open: Alife Crosses the Street With Sportswear

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[Photos via CoolHunting]

Walking down the street on the LES and stumbling upon a new store is getting harder to do as the economy continues to beat down on retail, but seven-year-old New York brand Alife Rivington Club has wisely kept their new shop small and close to home.
A.R.C. Sports Store quietly opened before Christmas and is situated across the street from their main location on Rivington between Suffolk and Clinton Streets.

Perhaps following Nike's lead with the Soho sportswear store they debuted in fall, Alife is using this space to underscore their attachment to actual sports and not just streetwear. Nonetheless, their collaborations with other brands like Penfield and Lacoste will make an appearance along with basics from Comme des Garcons. It's nice to know that even in times such as these, $85 white T-shirts still have eager purchasers.