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Video: The Atlantic Avenue Target is "the Seventh Level of Hell"

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FIPS Undercover - Worst TARGET Evah (Brooklyn, NY) from Effed in Park Slope on Vimeo.

Upstart blog Fucked in Park Slope thinks the Atlantic Avenue Target is a little underwhelming. Or, as they put it: "You're supposed to walk into Target, anywhere, and know exactly what you're getting. This place always looks like downtown Baghdad post Bush/Cheney special sauce bombz." To illustrate their point, they went undercover a la early Michael Moore, asking Target employees to help them find duvet covers and then recording the completely unhelpful responses ("That's like a seat cover or something like that?") The video above is part one in a four-part series—stay tuned for more.
· FIPS UNDERCOVER: Target, Atlantic Center Mall [The Seventh Level of Hell] [Fucked in Park Slope]