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RackedWire: W. Village's End of History Closed After Fire; Trader Joe's Keeps Selling Out of Cereal

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WEST VILLAGE—Mid-century modern furnishings shop The End of History has been temporarily shuttered due to water damage incurred when a fire broke out in their building at no. 548 1/2 Hudson Street on New Year's Day. From their blog: "At around 3am New Year's Day, there was a fire in the top two floors of our building in the West Village. As a result, the store has received some minor damage and will have to remain closed for repairs. We hope to reopen as soon as possible." [The End of History]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN—We're reasonably certain that this isn't from a Trader Joe's shill, just a guy who wants his cereal: "My wife just got back from the new Trader Joe's (we live on Boerum Place at Dean Street) and there was almost no cereal and a lot of shelves had very low stock on items. She inquired about it as she was checking out and the teller told her that the Brooklyn Trader Joe's is outselling ALL other locations. They can't keep enough food on the shelves!" [Racked Inbox]