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Above The Fray: Samples for (eco)mpassion's Sale Is Just Alright

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If you feel like killing an hour or so after work today, you should stop by the Samples for (eco)mpassion warehouse sale on Great Jones Street. The impatient might want to avoid it altogether. Why? Inconsistent pricing, and the fact that nothing seems to be organized by size.

Enter, and you'll find a mishmosh of merchandise from a variety of designers and seasons. There's a surfeit of clothing from eco-friendly lines like Organic Avenue and Linda Loudermilk ($15 to $30), racks of assorted tops and bottoms from boutique Big Drop, tables full of Earnest Sewn denim, and lots of ruffly Black Halo dresses and blouses. We could not find any Diane von Furstenberg, though we did see signs advertising 90% off her designs. Prices per item range from $5 to more than a hundred; some racks are all $30 or $40, while on others, individually priced items are all marked down a certain percent. The sale wasn't busy when we dropped by earlier today, and they had a ton of merchandise left, so if you are in the mood for a treasure hunt by all means head over.
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