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RackedWire: The 1940s Version of Michelle Obama's Isabel Toledo, Now on eBay; Uggs Invade Midtown

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UPPER WEST SIDE—After the inauguration, Off Broadway Boutique realized that they had a two-piece outfit in their consignment section that strongly resembled the Isabel Toledo ensemble worn by Michelle Obama. The twist: It's from around 1948. If you look good in yellow brocade and wear a size 4-6, head over to eBay, where the bidding starts at $120.90. Oh, and by the way, the outfit's similarity to Michelle's Toledo has been verified by none other than noted fashion expert and Upper West Side Congressman Jerrold Nadler, the only person alive who has seen both in person. [eBay]

MIDTOWN—Madison Avenue in the 50s is about to get an Ugg infusion. The Walking Company, which specializes in comfort footwear and claims to have the world's best selection of the boots that just won't die, is coming to 551 Madison Ave. [Racked Inbox]