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Above the Fray: Foley + Corinna Sale Triumphs Over Slushy Day

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This is not exactly an ideal day for heading to the Lower East Side to catch a sample sale, but the folks at Foley + Corinna have enough luxe purses and sequiny dresses on sale to make it worth the while.

Prices for their supple leather bags begin at $113 for the "Little Treat" and max out at $388 for the "L Train," which we overheard someone say is originally priced up around $800. Our pick, however, has to be the duffels in the corner as they come in various shades and in either matte or patent leather; they're the ideal carry-ons for a last-minute ski trip.

F+C is a much-copied line, and this goes for their range of clothing as well. The sale has gobs of sparkly, flapper-ish dresses a la Kate Moss for Topshop (who was probably originally inspired by F+C) and even some winter coats (we saw one marked down to $25). For anyone keen on a new leather bag for spring and a party dress for Valentine's, the Foley + Corinna sale becomes a one-stop shop.
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