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Kiosk Soho Has Nine Obsessions for 2009

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The ever imaginative, always irreverent folks behind Kiosk in Soho have more than just a seasonal gift guide for you; they've issued a list of their nine favorite objects to go with the year 2009, which they feel will be all about the theme of obsession.

Addressing firstly the fervor behind Obama, Kiosk is featuring Obama rubber stamps made in NYC. These are followed by obsessions with smoking (Chinese Yuxi cigarettes), oral hygiene (Euthymol toothpaste), spying (hollow half-dollar), scent (lavender oil), tinkering (mini ratchet kit), notetaking (Ritblock notepad), coffee (Slim Pot), and finally the inevitable sex, represented by the curvy Wibele cookies.

Thankfully, the offerings from this collection are both covetable and recession-friendly, with price points between $8 and $60. As long as we can indulge in odd bits of international ephemera, which happens to be Kiosk's specialty, we will have our sanity.
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