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Obedient Sons & Daughters Host a Real Final Sale

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Small label Obedient Sons & Daughters called it quits in early January, after more than a year spent trying to secure adequate funding. The husband-and-wife team behind the line, Christina and Swaim Hutson, sent out an official statement about the move to shutter, mentioning that they planned to launch another line during February's Fashion Week. Last week, they hosted a "final" sale on samples from the men's and women's '09 collections, which won't ever be produced. But it seems that they had trouble unloading the clothing—which according to a commenter, was priced only slightly below retail. (Word was that the samples were all way too expensive.) So now, they're having a real sale. From a note sent out to their email list:

Obedient Sons and Daughters has made final reductions on the Spring 09 collection. The studio will be open Wednesday and Thursday 12PM-6PM at 110 Greene Street, suite 306. We will then be boxing up and archiving.
Mens: tees-45, button-up shirts-75, shorts-125, pants-150, jackets-295, outerwear-350, sweaters-195. Womens: knits-45, button-up shirts-75, shorts-125, pants-165, skirts-195, sweaters-195, dresses-225, jackets-295, outerwear-350.
Still pricey, but much, much better. If you stop by, do fill us in on the selection.
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