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In the Window: Yumi Kim Hearts Sales

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There are those who love sample sales. There are those who love sample sales so much they want to proclaim it to the world on a t-shirt. And then there are the very special few who love sample sales with such fervid passion that a mere "I [heart] sales" shirt won't do, unless the words "sample sale" appear embraced within the heart. Behold the mannequin in the window of Yumi Kim, a boutique full of feminine, flowery designs that appeared on the corner of Stanton and Ludlow this past fall. There are only four words on her shirt, and two of them are "sales," which becomes particularly poignant when you learn the shirt's dark secret: Ironically, it is not for sale.
· Now Open: Yumi Kim Replaces Shop on the L.E.S.

Yumi Kim

105 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002 212-420-5919 Visit Website