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RackedWire: Everyone's Excited about Bleecker's Black Fleece; Free Drinks at Greenpoint's Kill Devil Hill

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WEST VILLAGE—The imminent opening of Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece boutique on Bleecker Street was enough to wake our friends at RareDaily from their months'-long hibernation. They have it that the store's grand unveiling will be this Sunday, February 1st, and they're excited: "Sunday can’t some soon enough. Think short jackets and high-hemmed pants coupled with sleeves exposing ample cuff, shin-brushing trousers, and stunted collars—it’s the sharper end of America’s move toward a narrower fit." [RareDaily]

GREENPOINT—OK, this is how you do a Recession Special: Retro furniture store Kill Devil Hill is hosting Old Timey Drinks Night this very evening, which means that anyone who wanders into the store between 6pm and 10pm is entitled to an F-Street Layaway. In keeping with the theme, they're also offering actual layaway, which should be especially helpful on top of their current 30% off sale. Also, if you spend over $20, they'll make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To recap: Free drink, free sandwich, 30% off, layaway—a well-blended cocktail of gimmicks and useful deals. [Kill Devil Hill]