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Has the Vuitton Collab Knocked Kanye Off His Rocker?

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A message from kwest on Vimeo.

Thanks to If It's Hip, It's Here, we've got a pretty comprehensive preview of Kanye's kicks for Louis Vuitton, due for release in June. What we seem to be missing however, is a coherent explanation of the collaboration and other features of the shoes aside from the notorious back flap.

When Kanye released the above video yesterday, we thought perhaps he'd finally reveal some interesting design points or anything which would make them covetable. Instead, he briefly rambles absentmindedly before declaring that he has had to change his nickname from "the Louis Vuitton Don" to the controversial "Martin Louis the King, Jr."

We wonder: is this impromptu name change due to copyright infringement issues with LV or just an expression of megalomania? Upon announcement of his new MLK, Jr. moniker, Kanye directs his public to "address [him] as such" and then he trails off into what have to be lyrics, for all their randomness: "And until then, I will be in the building, swagger, until one hundred thousand trillion."

All of this we might have ignored if it hadn't been for him flashing his suitcase by Goyard, an LV rival, in what is supposed to be a video supporting his Vuitton collab. So much for that internship, Kanye.
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