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In the Window: Bloomie's Apartment Therapy Rorschach Test

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Remember the collaboration between Apartment Therapy and Bloomingdale's, in which the mother of all shelter blogs nominated three readers to design windows for the department store? The windows have gone up, and they're all pretty amazing. But they're also each geared towards a specific character, so picking your favorite feels a bit like taking a Cosmo quiz.

Are you a recently-single mural aficionado? Then you'll love Curtis Robertson's combined living room and kitchen, which is dominated by a paint-by-numbers wall painting. Are you young, European, and fond of bold colors? Jane Mount put together a cozy orange-and-blue space that should suit you fine. Do you happen to be Chuck Bass? Then you'll enjoy sharing a martini with three Eastern European call girls in Patrick J. Hamilton's dark, swanky bachelor pad. You can vote for the winner here—try not to think too hard about what your choice means.
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