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The Obamas Continue to Spread a Message of Hope and J.Crew

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Remember when we said Michelle Obama was the best thing to happen to J.Crew since madras? We take it back. She's so much better than madras. The Huffington Post points out that on Wednesday, as shoppers learned that all four Obamas wore J.Crew items at various points during the inauguration, shares of J.Crew jumped 96 cents (over 10%). And the Times notes that J.Crew's famously finicky website collapsed over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday:

By Tuesday afternoon, the Web page on J. Crew's site that features women's gloves had crashed. By Wednesday morning, the whole women's section of the site had crashed. Later in the day, the entire site was down, with a note that said,"Stay tuned?Sorry, we're experiencing some technical difficulties right now (even the best sites aren't perfect). Check back with us in a little while."
So those people who missed the inauguration because they were waiting in line for the J.Crew sample sale? In a way, they're the biggest patriots of all.
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