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Spot Check: J.Crew Sale Still Reelin' 'Em In

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Two days after the huge J.Crew sale opened at 261 West 36th Street, there is still a line. Minimal, but notable nonetheless considering how the Obamas famously sported J.Crew to the inauguration, a fact which no doubt helped this sale attract those from outside Manhattan.

As far as product left after these last few days, we have good and bad news. The good news first: they continue to roll new racks of fresh merch out onto the floor while plenty remains on both women's and men's sides. The Crewcuts collection for kids remains in heavy stock, with some super cute samples for girls.

Now for the bad news: there seems to be no gloves, hats, or shoes left, and the rest of the accessories are a sad sight. The nicest dresses (yes, all size 6) are still $99, and coats for both men and women can reach as high as $199. For those on the lookout for spring tops and skirts, however, the huge selection affords some serious steals.

If you happen to be a size 6 or a man in need of some plain dress shirts (they have all sizes of those), do head over before the sale closes on Sunday. Just don't expect to be allowed to try anything on; it's a purely pick and pay operation.
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