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Domino EIC Deborah Needleman has some strong opinions on how the Obamas should redecorate the White House, which she shares in a Times op-ed column. "The Obamas should ignore most of what Jackie Kennedy said and instead do what she actually did — ideally, without the guile. As she understood, the White House, in order to truly be 'the people’s house,' should reflect its living character as much as its history. Mrs. Obama’s appointment of Michael Smith, a Los Angeles-based decorator, is a promising start. He is well versed in the art of Gilbert Stuart and the craftsmanship of Duncan Phyfe, but is unlikely to shy from adding, say, modern paintings by Mark Rothko or furniture by Samuel Marx." Whew! Now we can finally stop worrying about this redecoration and get on with our lives. [NYT via Gawker]