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Lineblogging: J.Crew Sample Sale Draws Persistent Preppies to W.36th Street

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Folks, today is a historic day. Despite the cold, crowds have already begun gathering outside what will surely go down in the books as a moment of great, progressive change in our nation. Or at least our nation's supply of preppy spring/summer basics. That's right: It's the J.Crew sample sale at Clothingline in the Garment District. Our intrepid correspondent reports live from the scene.

9:35am: The line is small, but it's definitely a line. I'd say about twenty people are here right now.

9:39am: Despite the cold, people are feeling this sale. About thirty more just showed up.

9:44am: The line is now half an avenue block long. It's brutal out here.

9:55am: Wow, now the line is all the way down the block.

10:00am And we're in! That was almost too easy.

Our J.Crew adventures continue this way...