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In the Window: Sprouse Spreads to LV on Fifth

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What LV's Soho store lacks in window displays space, the Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue flagship more than makes up for, and it looks like they're back to their old trick of filling the windows with neon.

They've just switched the windows to showcase the Stephen Sprouse collection, which is already old news, and the mannequins sport bleached bobs or shaggy rocker hair. The fact that they wear T-shirts, jeans and sneakers snubs the old concept of Louis Vuitton as hoighty-toighty luxury, but all the same it ends up looking cheap; this despite the $395 pricetag of said T-shirt.

If you're going to sell small, half-plastic keychains for $275 and pewter and resin bracelets for $1,130, then it might also be a good idea to have a sales associate available upstairs with the collection. We wandered around, the only person in the area, manhandling the Sprouse goods to our heart's content; obviously these H&M-ish jeans and scarves aren't just reserved for Kanye. Somehow we doubt, however, that this collab will succeed among the spend-happy tourists to whom this LV location panders.
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