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M.A.C. Commits Horrible Hair Crimes in the Name of Hello Kitty

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You'd think that M.A.C.'s new Hello Kitty collection would be adorable, not twisted looking. But the makeup company went in a weird, edgy, bobble-headed direction for an event to announce the line in November. (The images were embargoed until yesterday.)

Apparent M.A.C. aficionado, the unabashedly positive Nitrolicious, has a full rundown of the collaboration. It's actually two collections—Hello Kitty Colour, and "the more high-end" Hello Kitty Kouture. Product includes "Fashion Mews" lipstick ($14), and something called Dazzleglass ($28) that comes with a Swarovski crystal-embellished pendant. That's from the high-end collection, natch.
· Full Look: MAC Cosmetics x Hello Kitty Collection [Nitrolicious]