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Bloomies Entrusts Their Windows To a Bunch of Blog Readers

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Apartment Therapy has struck up a deal with Midtown institution Bloomingdale's to help bring attention to the store's new furniture line, Furniture on 5. Yes, a department store and a blog, working together. Who'd have ever thunk it?

Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan has selected three of the site's reader—Jane Mount, Curtis Robertson and Patrick Hamilton—to "install the room of their dreams" in the department store's windows. Then, in typical blog fashion, readers will be able to view the installations, and vote on which one they like best. It's a cool idea, and sounds like a win all around: the top designer will get a Bloomingdale's gift card, all three will get exposure, Bloomindale's will get a ton of publicity for relatively little money, and Apartment Therapy gets a big dose of credibility (not that they need it). Also, there will be a party at the store where interested parties can meet Maxwell and the three designers, and can enter to win one of the finished rooms. All the info can be found on this snazzy microsite whipped up for the event.
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