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Thanks to Tim Gunn, DKNY Drops Fur For Fall

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[Donna Karan Images:]

At least one of PETA's biggest targets for 2008 has recanted their use of fur, and that is Donna Karan, and she couldn't have done it without Tim Gunn. After Donna continued to show fur in recent collections, PETA set up their "bunny butcher" website and waged a mini fashion war to get their point across.

What finally changed her mind was not the storming of her Spring/Summer 2009 runway, or the plastering of bloody anti-DKNY ads around Midtown West, but Tim Gunn's peaceful PETA documentary. According to Ecorazzi, Donna has "announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has 'no plans' to use fur in the future."

Apparently, Tim has also sent the video to Giorgio Armani, who claims that his rabbit fur only comes from bunnies killed for food. This means that PETA's main targets for 2009 will totally be Armani and those rays of sunshine, the Olsen Twins.
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