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Diane von Furstenberg's Curious Home Life

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The reason for Fashion Week Daily's latest fluff piece on the amazing Diane von Furstenberg is that the designer will be appearing on the February cover of Town & Country (the theme of the issue is 'Wonder Women'). But what really strikes us about the article is the way that the reporter, and Diane, discuss the topic of her unusual marriage to Barry Diller. After mentioning that she was a bit of a man-eater in her younger years:

These days, von Furstenberg is content to enjoy her own brand of family life. "Barry respects me so much," she said of husband Diller. "We don't live together during the week, although we go out together. I live on top of my shop; he lives at the Carlyle hotel. It doesn't feel strange at all. I just need a little bit of space. If I can't be alone a little bit, then I lose myself--and I cannot lose myself."
Well, if it works, it works.
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