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Topshop Tries to Booze on Broadway

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Reps for Topshop, the British chain that will hopefully open their first US outpost in Soho within the next year, were no shows at a community board meeting last night. Our friends over at Eater were on site, and report that Arcadia Group (USA) Limited (aka Topshop) was denied the right to serve liquor on the ground floor of the store on Broadway. They wanted to open a bar in the store? Amazing. More, from an Eater correspondent:

According to the Washington Square News and some older residents from the community that came out to speak out against it, Topshop has plans to have a DJ booth in the store as well as applying for a full liquor license.
No one from "The Arcadia Group" was there so what ended up happening was the community board reassured the residents that they were going to deny them not only because they were a no show but also because of the zoning in the area: Buildings on Broadway are not able to serve liquor on their first floor. Although I did not completely understand because isn't Topshop going to have multiple floors? Couldn't that mean they could apply for a liquor license for another floor? It sounded complicated but they were denied anyway.
So you'll have to get toasted before your Topshop sprees. No biggie.
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