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Above The Fray: Housing Works Warehouse Sale Ain't For the Squeamish

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Every few months, Housing Works has these 20-bucks-a-bag sales out in Long Island City. If you think thrift shoppers + warehouse full of clothing + ridiculously cheap prices = mania, you're right. Blogger and deal-lover Cheap Jap braved the madness this Saturday, and returned with a sack of clothing and a review of the slightly-icky conditions. Let's just say, you might want to arrived armed with a set of disposable plastic gloves. "It looked like something had tossed its cookies all over the place, except instead of regurgitating stomach fluid, it vomited up clothes. Kim and I have shopped our fair share of thrift stores, but this was a whole different animal. Baby onesies, Halloween costumes, stained sweatshirts and sketchy leisure suits seemed to obscure anything halfway decent. Plus, 75% of the stuff was on the effing FLOOR. We were totally icked out." The whole thing makes a trip to Goodwill look positively refined.
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Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

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