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Trader Joe's Takes Imitation Grocery To Court

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In a turn of events that anyone could have predicted, Trader Joe's is suing the nutcase who is trying to open a "Trader John's" grocery store in the East Village. Only it's not just any random nutcase, it's known nutcase John Catsimatidis, CEO of Gristedes (aka Grosstedes).

From Gawker: "Trader Joe's filed suit last Thursday in federal court for intellectual property rights infringement, claiming that the Gristedes redesign is a direct copy-catting of their hallowed, and dearly protected, signatures. As proof of the potential for customer confusion, the suit cites New York Magazine, Shophound, Serious Eats, and Curbed blog posts." John: There is no way you can replicate the magic that is Trader Joe's. Stop it. And now, we're very, very afraid for Jefferson Market.
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