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RackedWire: Bond No. 9's Brooklyn Scent; Oak Sale Deepens; a Rant Inspired by Chickdowntown

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BROOKLYN—Bond No.9 always names fragrances after New York locations, so it was only a matter of time before they came for Brooklyn. While the other Bond No.9 perfumes are named after specific neighborhoods, this latest scent is just named "Brooklyn," presumably meaning it encompasses all the odors from Williamsburg to Coney Island. Oddly, this isn't the first time the borough has inspired a cologne: A Boerum Hill man and his young daughter have been selling their own Eau de Brooklyn for several years now. It's actually lovely—it smells like green tea. [Gawker, The Daily News]

NOLITA/WILLIAMSBURG—Oak's 40/50/60 sale has moved into its second week, which means that everything's now 50% off.

ONLINE—E-commerce site Chickdowntown is not getting the warmest reception in our comments section. Shortly after we posted about their sale this afternoon, the following mini-rant appeared: "One word of caution -- if you ever plan on returning anything, do NOT order from this site. I have had two awful experiences with Chickdowntown -- once where they accused me of ripping something (I hadn't even tried it on because I took one look at the item and it looked nothing like it did on the site), and once where they never returned a single email or phone call. They are completely disorganized." [Racked Comments]

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