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From the Tents: Gottex Has Got It Going On

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Late yesterday evening at the Gottex swimwear show, there was nary an empty seat despite its slight timeslot overlap with the off-site Marc Jacobs show. Why the great turnout? Gottex is a guaranteed parade of models in bikinis, of course! Who doesn't love that?!

The harried mob scene of the tent just before the show turned out to be the exact opposite of the calm and orderliness that reigned beyond security. While most shows have started forty-five minutes late, the massive crowd at Gottex was raring to go in a shocking twenty minutes. Our theory is that once everyone saw the 69-look program, they knew this wouldn't be the typical quick walk.

Apparently only the celebs missed out on Gottex, as we didn't spot a single familiar face. Too bad, because this collection would really speak most to those with private, rooftop pools or yachts anchored off St. Tropez.

Citing a Mediterranean port-hopping theme, the show began with floppy sunhats and an ode to yachting with anchors abundant. Moving into French Riviera territory, the fluorescent colors emerged along with 18-Karat gold accents. Once the Gottex yacht reached Sardinia, we saw subtle florals with a sheen and huge crystal flowers in the hair before the show concluded with black & white suits suggesting Hollywood glamor.

All was extremely tasteful and exquisitely crafted, as each garment hints at an easy transition to eveningwear. Unfortunately, all was also unsuitable for actual swimming.