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Fashion Week Hangover Observations: Oak's Bond Age Celebration at the Eagle

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Last night's launch party for Oak's limited-edition line Bond Age was an affair for hipsters, gays, and MePa bros alike (no celebs, however). The look was "bondage-inspired," so what better place to throw the bash than The Eagle, the gay leather bar deep in the heart of Chelsea? Some observations:

1.) Belvedere was the sponsor, and provided complimentary vodka drinks in sleek bottles. The drink, made of grape juice, ginger, vodka, and a dash of sugar, was best described as tasting like melted cough drops. Regardless, the free-stuff-loving fashionistas drank it all up. Other vodka drinks, served in massive trough-like glasses, could be ordered from the bar.

2.) The roof deck was the place to be. Party-goers bypassed the second floor and went straight upstairs. By midnight, however, there were capacity issues on the roof, so late arrivals filled the inside bar. The biggest issue at the party by far was the bathroom situation, as the Eagle's facilities lacked doors and were divided by a chain-link fence. The result was chaos, with both men and women crowding the rooms, chatting and snorting.

3.) The crowd was a motley crew. Leather-clad employees stood out considerably from the party-goers, whose outfits were indicative of a post-MisShapes New York. One particularly exhibitionistic man wearing a loose tank top and skinny jeans spent the night casually adjusting his top to achieve the intentional nip-slip look. Another donned a Prada collar, but clung to shopping bags from Canal Street Jean Co.

4.) Music check: Nondescript techno for about two hours, followed by Barry White.

5.) No swag, but no one seemed to care.
—Noah Adler

Oak Clothing

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