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First Impressions: Everyone Loves Marc

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[Photo via NYT]

1) NYT "There was very much an American aesthetic, country to city, running through the layers of prints and ginghams, the belted jackets over black suffragette skirts, the 1940s trousers, a slim sleeveless white tunic embroidered with leaves, the tops that resembled over-the-shoulder aprons, the soft little turbans, and a stunning pair of simple evening dresses done in a narrow red and white stripe. One could also see a black aesthetic and the look of country women in their everyday clothes, especially the sashed apron/work smocks worn with a metallic jacquard print skirt or a pair of wide 40s trousers. Nearly all the models wore slightly flattened hats (thanks to the milliner Stephen Jones), and the jewelry consisted of chunky bangles and bold, ornamental chain necklaces."

2) IHT: "It was as though the designer had taken the various elements of immigrant America and transported them into a future where women would wear tailored pants suits with sharp shoulders - à la Saint Laurent in the 1960s - and where a snug sweater over a full-sleeved blouse hinted at the 1970s."

3) Fabsugar: "The clothes: fantastical, colorful, and confused. Suits and separates were mismatched, and all cinched with cloth obi belts. Metallic jacquard, plaid, and stripes were all whipped together; silhouettes were all over the place, draping was key. And the shoes — which model Jordan Dunn post-show asked me if I noticed — were wonderfully experimental."

4) Fashionista: "The girls came from all directions on the stage, pushing through swingy mirrored doors to take the runway which was chopped by super tall and skinny mirrored panels that made it look like the same girl was in twenty different spots of the runway at the same time. The clothes were kind of complicated - lots of bunched up skirts, tons of stripes, obi-like waist wraps instead of belts, very shiny materials, collapsed glittery top hats in pinks and oranges, and shoes that were a cross between gladiators and geisha sandals - oddly, we may have picked up a Wizard of Oz vibe in there, but maybe it was just the buzz."

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