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On Site: Araks Packs the Bloomers and Riding Pants

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The Araks show at the Altman Building on 18th Street seemed a bit slapdash from the get-go, as right up to the 3 PM mark organizers were still leveling and taping down the "Araks" logo behind the runway and threat of rain sent lost Ben Cho attendees stumbling into the wrong areas. Assigned seats were about half-full by the time the show was about to start (about 25 minutes past 3) but the standing room only was four-deep, so the gates were opened to all. By the time the plastic was rolled up off the runway and the wind machine was powered up, there was no one left standing and the show finally began at only a cool 33 minutes past it's scheduled start time.

Araks Yeramyan's feminine style was tomboy-ed up with sneaker pairings for every, slim, flowing outfit, and the sheer-and-shiny whites of the first song of the three-song, 29-look set gave way to the occasional bright turquoise or magenta and finished up with sheer black. Bonnets, riding caps, shiny, poofy bloomers, and riding pants dominated the show, as did layering of sheer tanks. All the models wore minimal, natural makeup, long, blown-out straight hair, and seriously vacant looks as they made their way toward the cameras. The neo-Victorian elements took on a modern tone when rendered from fabrics like "silk cotton," and the sneakers made the whole thing seem wearable for normal people. As always, proceed with caution with the bloomers.
—Monica Padrick