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On Site: Y-3 Leaves the Lights On

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Not all of the shows during Fashion Week take place in the Bryant Park tents; like some seriously trendy weeds, they pop up all over Manhattan. One such runway was Yohji Yamamoto's Adidas line Y-3, which did its thing yesterday evening inside the former Barnes & Noble on 6th Avenue in Chelsea.

Yohji himself rarely appears on any runway that's not in Paris, but the Y-3 show is usually a hot place for celeb- and trend-spotting. Unlike his Fall/Winter show where we spied Damon Dash, Genevieve Jones, Vincent Gallo (ew), Helena Christiansen, Ellen Pompeo (why?), Terence Koh (easily spottable), Leigh Lezark, and some other people, this year we only saw some minor names.

Too bad, because all house lights were left on through the entire show, so everyone could see everyone else. Sarah of Colette was front row, as she's totally in town to oversee the GAP pop-up shop, and we spotted NYT photographer Bill Cunningham doing what he does best.

As for the clothing, we've seen better from our friend Yohji. We did note that while everyone else is drawing heavily from the 1980s, Y-3 has kept it to a happy minimum with only 80s-ish sunglasses. Also, Y-3 wedding wear?. Yea, like we're getting married in Adidas (ok, maybe if it's Yohji). Loved the stripes and the sheer, comfy shapes because for once, here is a runway not sporting heavy lace.
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