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From the Tents: Nina Garcia Loves the Champers at DKNY

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While some fashion folk were still feeling affects of the night before's boozin, yesterday morning we rolled up into DKNY's 20th Anniversary Runway show in The Tent at Bryant Park. It is here, during the minor kertuffle with the anti-fur activists and Donna's happy happy joy joy finale, that we claimed the best Fashion Week swag thus far: DKNY special edition champagne.

While the tents runneth over with free Evian and Bawls, of course what's really on everyone's mind is finishing up to belly up to a bar. DKNY understood this and gifted bottles of 1989 Chandon before noon. Even Nina Garcia seemed a little overjoyed with the show. But we must defer to the big man on campus, Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley, who sat at the end corner and smiled throughout. If only we had the Bawls to ask him for a pic.
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