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First Impressions: Miss Sixty

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[Images via Julia Allison]

Now, from around the web, all the buzz that's fit to blog on last night's Miss Sixty show:

1.) "A hodgepodge of references popped up in Miss Sixty's exuberant collection—a seventies flower child in a shoulder-exposing silk-voile top, for instance, trading places with a sexy schoolgirl in a crochet beret and striped kneesocks. But who needs a believable narrative when the story is fun and the front-row characters include Blake Lively, Rosario Dawson, and Becki Newton?"

2.) Julia Allison: "Sheer striped knee-highs, visors, sport, red-khaki-black, booties w no toes, plaids."

3.) The Cut: "The real star of Celeb Row was Bijou Phillips, who seemed to think she was attending a filming of Pants-Off, Dance-Off rather than a fashion show. Okay: Her pants stayed on. But if there had been a table to dance on, she would have climbed onto it. She waved her hands wildly in the air. She pumped her fists. She dramatically shook her (admittedly beautiful) hair. She writhed and wriggled in her seat to the extent that we’re pretty sure there was no way she could have actually seen the show. Although considering some of the stuff we saw ? maybe that was the point."

4.) South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "Natty separates that will look so sale-able and approachable on store racks: vests, harem pants, maxi skirts, hot pants, halter dresses and monokinis. They were all done in yellow, navy, brown, black and raspberry with some enthusiastic pink, tangerine, grape and white thrown in for good measure. It was so optimistic. So softly structured with balloon silhouettes on the shoulders and skirt hems. It made me happy in a way only boho can."