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IMPOSSIBLE: Colette x Gap Wait is Pure Pain

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We are experienced line waiters. We've sat for hours in anticipation of sample sales, store openings, and limited-edition releases. But Colette x Gap pop-up store, you have defeated even us. The wait to get in, estimated by one optimistic and fake-cheery Gap employee as "an hour" is most certainly three, or four. The line isn't extremely long—perhaps a block at present, running up Fifth Avenue and around the corner of 54th Street. But when you open something as highly anticipated as a Colette pop-up in a space the size of a walk-in closet, you are going to have a serious issue handling demand. We'd guess the space fits about eight to ten people at a time, and the first bunch were certainly taking their time. After an hour or so, the selection of tee shirts, fragrance, jackets, candles, shoes and bags was looking pretty picked over. We left before gaining entrance, but plan on returning—with a folding chair and a few magazines.
Update: Just buy the stuff online, for god's sake.
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