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Fashion Week Hangover Observations: Interview Party at The Standard

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[Warning: some images are NSFW]

Last night, in the construction zone of The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District, Interview Magazine held their launch party with about 1,000 close friends. After passing through plywood barriers and a whole gaggle of hired cross-dressers to create scenes in the street, we were all up in the guts of the building and under the High Line. From there, we were semi-safely whisked up to the 18th floor all-glass area for the bulk of the party. A few observations:

1) After clearing the crush of people at the gate, who were ruthlessly dropping names and air-kissing while waving their invitations, we spotted Tommy Hilfiger, hotelier Sean MacPherson, and Padma Lakshmi strutting through to check out the party. Tommy left 15 minutes later, perhaps the shortest appearance of the evening.

2) The hipsters were out in full force. They hit a peak though when this skeletal girl with greasy, mussed-up hair was let in, even though she was only wearing a faded, oversized Metallica T-shirt. Shortly after this, an Olsen entered with her posse and the crowds parted like the Red Sea.

3) At the top, there was much sushi and champagne and nakedness. The evening's entertainment was a group of (mostly) naked girls, go-go boys were gyrating atop platforms, and the crowd was generally scantily-clad. Even Andre J went minimal in a spandex bodysuit.

4) This party was supposed to be all about Interview's latest issue with Kate Moss on the cover, but sadly there was no Kate Moss (that we saw) and also none of the magazine or anything Interview-related. Instead the focus was on drinking and canoodling. And people kept tripping over construction things; we totally had our boob grabbed by a falling floozy. Fun.