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First Impressions: Lorick Gives Everyone a Sugar High

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[Image via the Pipeline]

Instead of sending her models down a catwalk, "Gossip Girl"-approved designer Abigail Lorick sent her audience through a series of tableaus in which girls in '50s attire posed amid smashed furniture, grass stolen from Connecticut lawns, and a June's worth of wedding cakes. The bloggers, as they say, ate it up. Fashionista declared Lorick "Best in Show for Spring 2009" and added that "the cake was awesome." Refinery29's Pipeline praised the set design that allowed them to take "Vogue-caliber photos" (their pictures are indeed excellent.) And Daily Candy said "Lorick defied all the rules last night." Curiously, no one had much to say about the clothes, but who needs clothes when you've got cake?
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