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From the Tents: The Havaianas Booth Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Fashion Week

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The rumors are true: Havaianas is indeed giving out free, custom flip-flops inside the tent. They won't airbrush your name on them or anything, but they'll let you choose from a range of soles (pink, blue, black-on-gray, brown-on-black, gray-on-gray) and an even wider range of tops (pink, blue, yellow, green—why, they come in all the colors of the rainbow!) The line has been at least fifteen deep every time we've gone to look, proving that nothing is more popular than a free pair of flip-flops.

So, to be clear, the process is: 1) walk in the tents while pretending to have any business being there; 2) locate Havaianas booth; 3) get in line; 4) get free custom flip flops.
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