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Christie's Fall Auctions: Plenty for the Manly Man

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[Mahogany screen and Sol LeWitt painting both via Radar]

Yesterday, Christie's began their fall Interiors auction at Rockefeller Center. Next Tuesday, they'll start selling post-war and contemporary art in another fall auction. Radar has discovered that both auctions are full of macho, bachelor-pad-appropriate items, given design-obsessed menfolk something expensive to fantasize about while the rest of us are expending all our daydreaming energy on Fashion Week. One mahogany screen (top left) jumped out at them as particularly desirable, assuming you've got $3000-$5000 in your mahogany screen budget. And while the state of the stock market may make you want to keep your savings in a brown paper bag under the mattress, if you've got $20,000 to $30,000 in there, it might actually be put to better use on a rather amazing Sol LeWitt painting (top right.)
· Christie's Fall Auctions: A Guide For Men [Radar]