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Meatpacking Barneys Update: West 13th Street and Washington with High Line Views

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The New York Post has an update about the mythical MePa Barneys, a store whose arrival has been rumored for two years now. Back in March of 2007, we broke the news that Barneys was looking for a location in the Meatpacking District. An article in the New York Sun a couple weeks later confirmed the news and floated as a possible address 401 W 14th St—which, of course, wound up becoming the Apple Store. In May, WWD suggested another potential location: 441 West 14th Street, next to Jeffery. Then, this past February, a source told us the store would be somewhere on West 13th Street between Ninth Avenue and Washington Street.

Well, it looks like our intel from February is correct. From the Post: "After years of searching for a suitable location in the increasingly pricey West Side neighborhood, the ultra-chic retailer is finalizing plans to open a multilevel, 50,000 square-foot shop located at the northwest corner of West 13th Street and Washington Street, sources said." Shoppers will be able to see the High Line Park and the river from the top floor, and there's talk of an entrance to the store coming directly from the High Line.
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