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Fashion Week Hangover Observations: Harper's Fêtes Tyra at Highbar

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Last night, Harper's Bazaar threw a big old party to celebrate its fat September issue with model/mogul Tyra Banks on the cover. When Racked showed up halfway through, Banks had yet to make an appearance, but nonetheless the place was packed with the usual mix of socialites (Fabiola Beracasa, Geneiveve Jones), models (Coco Rocha), fashion editors, designers (Rachel Roy, Tommy Hilfiger) and stylists. A few observations:

1) Calling stylist Rachel Zoe unhealthy-looking isn't stating anything new, but seriously? Lady, you need to lay off the tanning and perhaps you should also eat lunch once in a while. But you do have great taste—that black dress was amazing.

2) Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. Finally showing up, a half-hour 'til closing time. You were looking tall and beautiful but also...pregnant? Could it be true? That tight black number wasn't hiding much. Perhaps our eyes, affected by two plastic flutes of champagne, were deceiving us and you had just consumed a big plate of pasta before the event or something.

3) Though we've been hearing that dresses are out and pants are in, there was no evidence to support that last night. We'd say about 99% of the ladies in attendance were wearing frocks paired with super high heels. Just something to keep in mind for those obsessing over Fashion Week outfits.