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In the Window: Peace. Love. Marc Jacobs.

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Good old Marc Jacobs has redone the window of his women's shop at Bleecker and West 11th Street to reflect a slightly futuristic take on the classic peace sign. To the left of the gigantic symbol stand a few mannequins clad in black with silver bubble skirts instead of hippie duds. The peace sign itself is swarming with Marc's $30-ish crystal butterfly pins, looking like Mariah Carey imagined Woodstock.

This is an extremely tame window for Marc, and kind of lazy since their last windows involved the same idea of covering things in their crystal pins (last time it was coats). Perhaps his whole crew is too busy prepping for Fashion Week, or perhaps it's just that they don't want to offend during Fashion Week.

Whatever the case, we noticed something far more interesting: new labels inside of the cheap stuff at his Accessories shop down the street. Instead of the usual Marc by Marc Jacobs labels (or sometimes no labels at all), the insides of $18 wallets and $30 clutches all sport a logo for "Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs." Looks like he's finally differentiated between his Marc line and what we like to call the Bleecker Street souvenirs. He has simultaneously run out of names to use on collections and created another way for people to say his full name several times in conversation. Touché, Marc.
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