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Scandal: YSL Sale Just Outlet Rehash?

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We admit to being a bit thrilled, and perhaps a little shocked, when the Yves Saint Laurent PR team contacted us a few weeks ago about their upcoming sample sale. But the event, to be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea a week from today, might not be worth getting that excited for. Blogger Madison Avenue Spy:

Turns out that the sale, like every other sale at Metropolitan Pavilion, is a close-out sale. A "jobber," as the industry likes to call those who buy close-outs, purchased the old OUTLET stock and is hocking it at the Pavilion. YSL deep throat tells me that most of the merchandise is from Fall/Winter 2006 and some Summer 2006. He said if you were at the outlets in the past two years you saw it for less money and already passed it up.
Tres shocking. But rest assured there will still be lines at the door on day one.
· YSL Friends & Family Blah Blah [Madison Avenue Spy]

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